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Cafe Classic: A Little Bit More Makes A Difference

Editor's Note:  Short-changing your high performers at merit increase time?  We bring you Chuck Csizmar's Classic post on walking-the-talk about paying-for-performance. You just received an above average performance rating from your boss, which naturally put a large smile on your... Read More

What Does a Marketing Approach to Compensation Really Mean?

How many times have you heard that compensation communications needs to take a marketing approach? I bet you've nodded your head each time you've read it, too. It sure sounds like a better way to go at communications, but what does it really mean? Communications and marketing are two... Read More

Cafe Classic: Show Me the Bitcoin

Editor's Note:  As the dynamic world of cryptocurrency continues to make news, it's a good time to replay Chris Dobyn's Classic post on the bitcoin with its intriguing questions about whether and how the form of money influences its motivational impact. Most readers will recognize... Read More

Cafe Classic: ESPP - Employee Ownership on Layaway

Editor's Note:  Once again, Dan Walter employs a clever metaphor to share insights and tips about compensation - this time about the unique opportunity created by ESPPs. Retailers once again are promoting layaway. Budgets have tightened and credit cards have become increasingly used for... Read More

Compensation Force

Before You Put That Fundraiser on Commission...

Charitable donations are not sales and fundraisers are not salespeople.  The challenge is that there are many similarities that tempt us to treat these professionals - and to compensate them - in the same way.  As a result, the first response of many performance-oriented nonprofit leaders, Board... Read More

Can Employee Retention Be a Double Edged Sword?

Can employee retention be a double edged sword?  According to Merriam Webster, in addition to being a sword with two sharp edges, this is defined as something that can have both favorable and unfavorable consequences. That's about right. Or, as John Sumser of the HRExaminer has put... Read More

Pay Terminology and Communication Fails

I've had an important lesson reinforced for me.  I'm reminded again, via several recent conversations with employees and managers, of the wide range of definitions people hold for some very basic compensation terms. Think there is some level of agreement on what terms like... Read More

Hope, Unexpected Magic and Your Reward Plans

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things..." says Andy Dufresne, a character in the movie The Shawshank Redemption (based on a Stephen King novella), to his friend Red.  Hard to argue with that. I thought back to that line as I was reading Seth Godin's blog post today, titled... Read More