Compensation Café

5 Reasons to Design Your Incentives Like IKEA Furniture

You may not be familiar with IKEA, the Swedish retailer who sells everything from meatballs to full kitchens, all with names like Flark and Hemnes. Nearly all of their furniture is “build-it-yourself.” I know it sounds like is might be a nightmare, but you would be wrong (mostly). Their main... Read More

Cafe Classic: Women Kick at the Wage Ball

Editor's Note:  With this week's renovation of the EEOC charge filed a few years back and a refreshed lawsuit about "institutionalized gender discrimination" in compensation by the U.S. Women's National Team Players Association, it's a good time to revisit Jim... Read More

Can You Believe What the CEO Pay Ratio Is Teaching Us?

Well, the Compensation Cafe's predictions have come true. Both the CEO pay ratio and median employee have become topics of conversation in the Finance media world. Not to worry, though. There are no calls for rebellion against the "fat cats." The reporting has been balanced and... Read More

Compensation Force

What Incentives Can Do, What Incentives Cannot Do

Incentive compensation.  Powerful stuff when used well and - unfortunately - potentially even more powerful when misused and misdirected.  Chip and Dan Heath said it well... Incentives are dangerous, and not just because people game them. They often yield collateral damage. Remember the tale of... Read More

Clear Goals Are Important So Ditch the Guessing Game!

Some things change.  Other things are more enduring in their reflection of truth and human nature.  I think of goals as falling into the second category.  Technology messes with them some on both ends; it brings us efficiency and organizational capabilities for goal management and oversight, but... Read More