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Cafe Classic: Promotable But Unworthy of the Pay

Editor's Note:  I give you Jim Brennan's Classic post on the enduring pay bias by which we (and the leaders we serve) undervalue and therefore underpay internal candidates.   Relative pay bias dominates the compensation field.  Inferences made from comparative... Read More

Compensation Dentistry – The Orthodontist (part 3)

Even the best efforts to protect your primary teeth may not guarantee the teeth you want or need as you get older. When your secondary teeth have made their total debut it may become clear that your teeth need a little help. Sadly, this usually occurs at the same time you are facing the challenges... Read More

Cafe Classic: Mistakes Can Help, Really

Editor's Note: Most of us understand the impact of lessons learned the hard way - by making mistakes.  Chuck Csizmar shares his Classic take on the importance of allowing space (for ourselves and within our organizations) for taking risks. Can you recall an instance at work where you made a... Read More

Dealing with the Hated Job Description

Managers don't like to write job descriptions; which means they won't do them, will procrastinate endlessly or will delegate the responsibility to almost anyone else.  If pushed into a corner many will simply throw together a half-hearted effort that is quickly flagged by its poor... Read More

Compensation Force

Hope, Unexpected Magic and Your Reward Plans

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things..." says Andy Dufresne, a character in the movie The Shawshank Redemption (based on a Stephen King novella), to his friend Red.  Hard to argue with that. I thought back to that line as I was reading Seth Godin's blog post today, titled... Read More

Are You Ready for That Compensation Philosophy Conversation?

There is nothing quite like getting leaders around a table (literally, if you can manage, virtually if not) to debate what they intend the organization to accomplish with its compensation dollars - and then documenting the points of their agreement in writing - to bring clarity to reward design and... Read More

Don't Forget: Work Environment is a Reward Element

When organizations examine their total compensation offerings, the savvy ones factor in something beyond cash compensation and benefits.  That extra, less tangible, but inarguably significant element is work environment. I encourage many of my clients to throw work environment into the mix of... Read More

Is Your Pay Plan a Trust Buster?

Ever run into a situation where employees say that they trust a company's leaders but not its compensation plans?  Where an otherwise trustworthy and straight-shooting management team puts out a compensation plan in which employees claim to have no faith? I have, and have often puzzled over... Read More

Beware the Creep Factor in Customizing Employee Rewards!

Analytics and machine learning have opened the doors to new ways of designing and managing how we reward employees.  No longer must we treat our workforce as one big homogenous mass.  Now we can gather and analyze the data necessary to understand every individual's needs, values and... Read More