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Cafe Classic: Competitive Pay Is Not Enough

Editor's Note:  You may say that you pay competitively, but do you know that for sure?  And is it competitive enough?  Chuck Csizmar takes a Classic look at this near-universal claim to help us gauge if we have really put our money where our mouths are. You’ve seen your company’s... Read More

Hot News: 2018 Social Media Trends

Did you ever wonder how effective your compensation communications are? I can hear your answer from here -- it's bound to be a resounding "yes" if you are an HR professional. And in the last decade, the eternal question, "Are we doing it right?" has been joined by,... Read More

Cafe Classic: How I Learned to Shut Up and Listen

Editor's Note:  We all know and work with people who talk too much and listen too little.  Unfortunately, sometimes these people are us.  In today's Classic, Jacque Vilet shares her encounter with this realization and the lesson it brought her.  I had a manager once that didn't... Read More

What to Do With Metrics

Everywhere they turn these days Compensation practitioners are finding themselves bombarded by a repeated self-help message; you need to establish compensation metrics for your organization.  You need to do this. If you’re collecting data for compensation metrics, congratulations. But no one... Read More

Compensation Force

Rising Wages and Salary Compression: Squeeze Alert!

I met recently with the leaders of a regional manufacturer's association to discuss what is on the minds of their members these days.  Two things: hiring and salary compression. What does the phrase "salary compression" mean, what causes it to happen and what's to be done about... Read More

Are You Using Pay as a People Manager?

You've witnessed this yourself, I expect, dear reader.  There is no keener disappointment, it often seems, than when managers discover they can no longer rely on a compensation program to manage their people for them.  Try taking away an incentive plan, however ineffective or dysfunctional,... Read More

Triggers and Hurdles and Cliffs, Oh My!

To be clear, I'm talking about pay plan mechanics and in particular about the kind of cliff that plays an unfortunate starring role in many pay programs.  Specifically, the incentive plan with the all-or-none (or nearly so) singular award hurdle, often set against prior year performance, that... Read More

Best of the Force: The Limits of Feedback and Appreciation

Providing employees with specific information on their productivity is one no-to-low-cost way to drive improvements in their performance.  A recent Harvard Business Review Daily Stat (To Boost Workers' Productivity, Tell Them How They Rank) reminds us of this reality, via the story of a... Read More

Beware the Cliff!

To be clear, I'm talking about the kind of cliff that plays an unfortunate starring role in many reward programs; the incentive plan with the all-or-none (or nearly so) singular award hurdle, very often set against prior year performance.  The one that can essentially shut down any hope of... Read More