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Imagine CEO Pay Ratio Communications Going Well

To plan any kind of communication, you begin with the end in mind. Yes, it's an act of imagination. Yes, I know that compensation practitioners don't feel comfortable with imagination but, face it, you worry too much. Really, most anything you cook up about the employee reaction to the... Read More

Checks on the Chalkboard

Is everything you do necessary? Perhaps, I should ask the question differently. Is everything you do making it easier to get everything done? Today’s post is about the practical. It’s so practical that it applies to just about everything, including compensation. I was working with a client... Read More

Cafe Classic: Respect, Power and Results at Work

Editor's Note: In today's Classic post, Derek Irvine gives us a memorable example of an organizational issue with potentially profound impact on service and results, which can't be fixed (though someone is always trying, it seems) by pay alone.  What is your usual experience at... Read More

Compensation Force

Best of the Force: Solving Pay Angst

Our Best of the Force series highlights some of the most popular posts from our archives. As an independent advisor, I am often called in to help with situations where compensation has become a very emotional and even intractable problem.  Having the opportunity to work with -- and through --... Read More

How NOT to Communicate Your Salary Expectations...

A colleague of mine in the staffing field shared this excerpt from the cover letter sent in by a prospective job candidate: My salary requirements are based on what's required to provide shelter and feed my family and will require some added perspective about what it is you require. Good of... Read More

What Would Einstein Do (If He Had to Solve YOUR Pay Problems)?

If there is a universal experience that we all share as we gain experience in the discipline of employee compensation, it's the realization that there is a knee jerk tendency among our clients -- from front line supervisors to senior managers -- to assume that every employee issue can be... Read More

Best of the Force: Rewards Make Strategy Perform Better

Our Best of the Force series highlights some of the most popular posts from our archives. I like to argue that we should be holding our compensation programs - and the money they represent - to a higher standard.  Research examining how well company strategy delivers on its potential - and where... Read More

How Big Should Your HR Staff and Budget Be?

How big should your HR staff and budget be? While this is a question best answered in the context of your unique talent strategy -- what it will take to execute that strategy to drive organization success and what role HR plays in making that happen -- benchmarks can sometimes provide a helpful... Read More