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Cafe Classic: Pricing Virtual Jobs

Editor's Note:  The ranks of the virtually employed have only grown in the five years since Stephanie Thomas first shared these tips.  Now as then, and as work life reality overall increasingly resembles the virtual kind, this is advice worth considering in pricing all jobs. Do you have... Read More

Is Performance Pay (Physically) Harmful?

It's generally accepted that performance pay can lead to increased productivity which, in turn, leads to improved organizational performance. A new study suggests, however, that because of the way performance pay alters worker behavior, the improved organizational performance may be a... Read More

Compensation Work and Skin in the Game

Some fascinating work is being done around navigating human capital risk and uncertainty.  I think it could raise some interesting questions about how compensation jobs and functions are defined and organized.  Success for businesses increasingly hangs on their people and the structures they... Read More

Surprise! You Need a New Foundation!

My neighbor down the street wanted to expand the top floor of their house. The owner is a General Contractor and hoped the work would take no more than six months. He's a pro. He knows what he's doing. The family moved out into a rental, and he got to work. But, the house is around 100... Read More

Compensation Force

Best of the Force: Rewards Make Strategy Perform Better

Our Best of the Force series highlights some of the most popular posts from our archives. I like to argue that we should be holding our compensation programs - and the money they represent - to a higher standard.  Research examining how well company strategy delivers on its potential - and where... Read More

How Big Should Your HR Staff and Budget Be?

How big should your HR staff and budget be? While this is a question best answered in the context of your unique talent strategy -- what it will take to execute that strategy to drive organization success and what role HR plays in making that happen -- benchmarks can sometimes provide a helpful... Read More

Best of the Force: Simplicity Requires the Courage to be Clear

Our Best of the Force series highlights some of the most popular posts from our archives. Complexity is a frequent challenge with incentive plans, particularly (but by no means exclusively) in the arena of sales compensation. Complexity enters the picture for a number of reasons.  Sometimes, for... Read More

A Look at Master's Degree Graduate Starting Salaries

In follow-up to the recent post on college graduate starting salaries, this post also features data from NACE's (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Winter 2017 Salary Survey and highlights starting salaries for master's degree graduates. In the first table, we show average... Read More

Are Your Values Sticky Enough to Reward?

Core values and value statements have a long history but a somewhat mixed track record in the organizational realm.  More than one management team has discovered - the hard way - that it is much easier to talk the value talk than walk the value walk. This matters to us, because organizational... Read More