Compensation Café

One Reason Pay Is NOT Skyrocketing

For several months many of us have wondered why base pay wasn’t spiking upward out of respect for the historical strong job market. The basics premise of our economy is the strong demand and short supply results in high prices.  This is true for peaches, cars, and people. With unemployment at... Read More

Cafe Classic: The Duckbilled Platypuses of Compensation

Editor's Note: You thought hybrid jobs were a challenge!  Welcome to the age of the duckbilled platypi. Armed with this Classic "hunting guide," Dan Walter encourages us to embrace and rise to the challenges of today's unique (and often, as a consequence, critical) roles! More... Read More

Don't Do That! Bad Habits and Compensation

Here are three basics of our work. 1. Everything we do in compensation is communications. 2. Change management should be the foundation of 90% of compensation communications. Why is change such a big part of it? 3. Most of the time, when we need to communicate it's because we're asking... Read More

Cafe Classic: Forgive Dumb Questions

Editor's Note:  Jim Brennan points out that not all the silly questions posed in professional forums are the idea of the unfortunate asker.  A Classic lesson on keeping our sense of humor, humility and sympathy when responding to our colleagues online.  Many “dumb questions” are voiced... Read More

Compensation Force

Is Your Pay Plan a Trust Buster?

Ever run into a situation where employees say that they trust a company's leaders but not its compensation plans?  Where an otherwise trustworthy and straight-shooting management team puts out a compensation plan in which employees claim to have no faith? I have, and have often puzzled over... Read More

Beware the Creep Factor in Customizing Employee Rewards!

Analytics and machine learning have opened the doors to new ways of designing and managing how we reward employees.  No longer must we treat our workforce as one big homogenous mass.  Now we can gather and analyze the data necessary to understand every individual's needs, values and... Read More

The Founder's Dilemma: Employee Pay Edition

If you work for a Fortune 100 company or a public sector entity, feel free to move on.  If, however, you have embraced the challenge of (or are considering a move to) leading Human Resources and administering compensation in a more entrepreneurial setting - this post is for you!! I had the chance,... Read More

Taming the Incentive Beast

It's a proven fact.  Left on their own, with no boundaries or constraints, incentive plans will often multiply like rabbits.  I recently spoke with a compensation professional who claimed that her organization has over 300 incentive plans in place.  Her question:  "What can we do to... Read More

The Perils of "Rewarding" FLSA Exemption

FLSA compliance - the challenges of getting (and keeping) positions appropriately classified - are difficult enough.  HR and compensation professionals everywhere can attest to this.  So why would we make the task even harder by "rewarding" FLSA exemption? Allow me to explain.  One of... Read More