Compensation Café

Becoming a Compensation Leader

If you’re a compensation practitioner today or hope to be one soon, do you have a three or five-year career plan?  Do you have a sense of what you want to be doing down the road?  Chances are that the typical response would fall into the “I want to be the boss” category.  Kind of a... Read More

Cafe Classic: The Complete Job

Editor's Note:  Do your performance management practices - in truth and not just on paper - sufficiently consider behavior in addition to results?  Chuck Csizmar on this Classic balancing act and the price you may pay for overlooking the former in an effort to drive the latter. When... Read More

Should You Pay Your Employees Like Elon Musk?

For those of you who read my posts regularly, you know that I am a proponent of equity compensation and a cheerleader for performance-based programs. I am also passionate about helping the compensation world create more differentiated and targeted approaches to pay. This post looks at an example of... Read More

Compensation Force

Clear Goals Are Important So Ditch the Guessing Game!

Some things change.  Other things are more enduring in their reflection of truth and human nature.  I think of goals as falling into the second category.  Technology messes with them some on both ends; it brings us efficiency and organizational capabilities for goal management and oversight, but... Read More

Work, Its Rewards and the Devastation of Working Age Dementia

Most of us have been exposed to dementia - with parents, grandparents, etc. impacted by Alzheimer's or another form of the condition.  Those of us who have experienced a loved one fall victim know first hand the devastation that the diagnosis, the symptoms and the damage that its eventual... Read More

Ears to Hear: A Listening Primer for Compensation Pros

Revisiting  this post at the HBR blog recently got me thinking about the importance of listening for compensation and HR professionals if we truly want our work to have impact.  In considering some of the listening lessons my own experience has taught me, I came up with my own hierarchy of... Read More

Rising Wages and Salary Compression: Squeeze Alert!

I met recently with the leaders of a regional manufacturer's association to discuss what is on the minds of their members these days.  Two things: hiring and salary compression. What does the phrase "salary compression" mean, what causes it to happen and what's to be done about... Read More

Are You Using Pay as a People Manager?

You've witnessed this yourself, I expect, dear reader.  There is no keener disappointment, it often seems, than when managers discover they can no longer rely on a compensation program to manage their people for them.  Try taking away an incentive plan, however ineffective or dysfunctional,... Read More