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Cafe Classic: Sales Compensation – The Perfect Compromise

Editor's Note:  Sales compensation plans, when well-designed, reflect a clear understanding of the organizations sales strategy and reality - and a careful balancing act.  Dan Walter explains that Classic challenge in today's post. My first real lesson in negotiations was simple: “In... Read More

Why Bother Talking About Total Rewards?

"Total Rewards" makes a great title for an employee statement because it sums up what's on the page. But otherwise, it often seems that benefits fit more comfortably into the "Total Rewards" concept than compensation does. So why should compensation practitioners bother?... Read More

Cafe Classic: Two Truths and a Lie

Editor's Note:  How truthful are your pay policies and communication "sound bytes?"  Time for some self-reflection, assisted by Jacque Vilet's Classic post on the topic. Have you ever played the game called Two Truths and a Lie?  You tell people two things that are true... Read More

Remote Compensation – What About Equity?

So far, we have just scratched the surface of compensating people in the new “remote” world. We have had some discussions about pay adjustments, geographic differentials, adjusting goals, and communicating changes. Each of these requires more work and bigger changes than most people want to... Read More

Cafe Classic: Be The Hero - You Can Do It

Editor's Note:  In a timely and Classic message for our times, Chuck Csizmar urges us to be leaders - heroes - by lifting up others, rather than promoting ourselves.   Do you want to be admired and respected by your colleagues, recognized by senior leadership for who and what you are?  Do... Read More

Compensation Force

Has Your Pay Program Been Infected by Senioritis?

One of the tasks we face in the universe of pay administration is matching a job to compensation surveys, in order to establish its competitive value, is ascertaining the appropriate "level".  Is it an Engineer 1, 2, 3 or 4?  A Graphics Designer Senior or a Graphics Designer... Read More

What About Performance Transparency?

I find it interesting that in an age where we increasingly prioritize pay transparency we are also issuing passionate calls to do away with performance reviews and ratings. Does anyone else see the irony here? I have encountered few organizations whose leadership has committed to a talent strategy... Read More

Punished By (Poorly Conceived) Rewards

While it will be clear from what follows that I take issue with a number of things he says, I do believe that Alfie Kohn's book Punished by Rewards is a must read for reward professionals.  Good kick in the head to shake out the cobwebs and challenge the thinking.   As those who have read... Read More