Compensation Café

A Sad State of Affairs

Are you surprised that when dealing with someone in Human Resources you are sometimes not treated with common courtesy and respect?  Have you ever been the victim of bureaucratic confusion, inadequate or careless responses to your need for assistance, or perhaps have been the recipient of an... Read More

Cafe Classic: Redesigning Work to Create More Mutual Value

Editor's Note:  Prompted by conversation around my post on this topic a few days ago here, we bring you Jim Brennan's Classic on why work redesign should be a key competency for Human Resources and Rewards professionals. For HR to become a valuable business partner clearly helping top... Read More

Compensation Communication Tools for Managers

When it's time to get managers prepared for a new or challenging role, I have often suggested using tip sheets, discussion guides, and decision guides. FAQs, another suggestion, are familiar to everyone, but the other tools may not be familiar, so I thought I'd do a quick overview to help... Read More

Essential Workers, Higher Wages, Value Creation and Work Design

The path to value creation, according to a number of private equity executives (like the one who wrote this Harvard Business Review article), is through return on invested capital (ROIC).  Indeed, the best way to create real value in a business -- this author says -- is by making smart capital... Read More

Compensation Force

On Essential Workers, Higher Wages and Work Design

The path to value creation, according to many in the private equity sector, is through return on invested capital (ROIC).  Indeed, they tell us, the best way to create real value in a businessis by making smart capital investment decisions. This should interest us, as HR and reward professionals,... Read More

Resourcefulness: A Core Competency for Challenging Times

Many HR and reward programs today operate on a competency-based platform, where the fundamental building block is a set of core competencies (defined in the WorldatWork glossary as behaviors, attributes or skills that are predictors of personal success). Recently revisiting a Harvard Business... Read More

Has Your Pay Program Been Infected by Senioritis?

One of the tasks we face in the universe of pay administration is matching a job to compensation surveys, in order to establish its competitive value, is ascertaining the appropriate "level".  Is it an Engineer 1, 2, 3 or 4?  A Graphics Designer Senior or a Graphics Designer... Read More

What About Performance Transparency?

I find it interesting that in an age where we increasingly prioritize pay transparency we are also issuing passionate calls to do away with performance reviews and ratings. Does anyone else see the irony here? I have encountered few organizations whose leadership has committed to a talent strategy... Read More