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Cafe Classic: Are You a Copy Cat?

Editor's Note:  Compensation management is - or should be - more than simply perfecting the art of capturing and imitating what everybody else is doing.  Chuck Csizmar explains in today's Classic post. Picture the scene;  you've just completed a presentation to senior management,... Read More

Do You Want A Compensation Leader?

Most compensation practitioners have earned their stripes through the use of technical analysis, be it statistical applications, regressed formulae, market pricing or converting survey data into recommended pay structures.  A fair portion of that capability doesn't require much in the way of... Read More

Gender Pay Inequality through the Eyes of Children

Last week, in recognition of International Women’s Day, a consultant on my team wrote about a Norwegian child social experiment that highlights powerfully the shocking nature of pay inequality due to gender. I’d like to raise that experiment with this audience for your consideration. Take two... Read More

Canadian Doctors Pushed Themselves Away From the (Pay) Table

In Quebec, the infrequent and unusual has happened. Doctors refused a proposed raise. Not because the increase was insufficient, but because they would rather see the money go to the staff who support them and the patients they serve. In the world of HR and Compensation, this not the... Read More

Cafe Classic: Let Your People Go... Gracefully

Editor's Note:  John Sumser, principal author and Editor-in-Chief of the HR Examiner, once said: "The idea that great people  should be retained in their jobs for a long time is the exact opposite of growth and innovation."  Retention of all employees - at all costs - is not a... Read More

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Best of the Force: What do ROWE and Incentives Have in Common?

Our Best of the Force series highlights some of the most popular posts from our archives. What do ROWE and incentives have in common?  More than a little.  At least that's the hypothesis I'm floating out here. What turned my mind to this comparison in the first place was a Fistful of... Read More

Best of the Force: Scared Anyone Today?

Our Best of the Force series highlights some of the most popular posts from our archives. In this busy time of year - with days when it's tough just to keep your head above water - I've been thinking about what it takes to get better at the work we do, beyond the simple act of just... Read More

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Compensation Survey Pay Range Data

Many pay surveys routinely collect and report salary range minimums, midpoints and maximums.  This data can provide helpful context, but it is also at risk for being misapplied by practitioners who haven't the training or experience to correctly interpret the information. Let's start... Read More