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Time for a Termite Inspection!

I live in a house that is more than 100 years old. It was maintained well over the years but, like all old homes, it needs regular maintenance. My neighborhood is filled with many homes built around the same time, and a few homes built very recently. A few months ago, a house a couple of blocks... Read More

Cafe Classic: The Beowulf of Compensation

Editor's Note:  Your pay programs may not stand the test of time in the manner that the legendary hero of the Geats has.  Dan Walter addresses this challenge with his Classic post. Most of you know of the poem Beowulf. Legend has it that it was passed down through oral performances for... Read More

Cafe Classic: Dual Career Ladders

Editor's Note:  A great primer on the Classic case for dual career ladders via Jacque Vilet. I think we’ve all seen a situation where an individual contributor has been promoted into a management position with neither the desire nor the skill to do the job.  The employee becomes... Read More

Why Communicate Now?

Why communicate now? Aren't things bound to change before year-end salary reviews? Aren't we bound to get it wrong if we start talking to employees now? Compensation departments often run on the "no news is good news" communications strategy, choosing to take the upper hand in... Read More

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Punished By (Poorly Conceived) Rewards

While it will be clear from what follows that I take issue with a number of things he says, I do believe that Alfie Kohn's book Punished by Rewards is a must read for reward professionals.  Good kick in the head to shake out the cobwebs and challenge the thinking.   As those who have read... Read More