Compensation Café

Wow. That Data is Terrible!

Almost every compensation professional I know can guess the base pay of mid-level accountant or software engineer with near-perfect accuracy. Given regional variations and other factors, most guesses are within 5% of current market data. This consistency and predictability is a foundation of trust... Read More

A Smooth Sea

.... Never made a skillful sailor I saw this phrase the other day and it really caught my attention.  Folks on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media are always posting cute, profound or commonplace phrases that describe personal motivation, self-discipline or even the meaning of life, and I... Read More

Value Driver? No, It's Not a Discount Store!

Do you know what value drivers are? In the world of business strategy, a value driver is an activity or input that drives financial and operational results. They are called value drivers to reflect their role in the value creation that your company wants to achieve: 1) Increasing the share price,... Read More

Compensation Force

The Founder's Dilemma: Employee Pay Edition

If you work for a Fortune 100 company or a public sector entity, feel free to move on.  If, however, you have embraced the challenge of (or are considering a move to) leading Human Resources and administering compensation in a more entrepreneurial setting - this post is for you!! I had the chance,... Read More

Taming the Incentive Beast

It's a proven fact.  Left on their own, with no boundaries or constraints, incentive plans will often multiply like rabbits.  I recently spoke with a compensation professional who claimed that her organization has over 300 incentive plans in place.  Her question:  "What can we do to... Read More

The Perils of "Rewarding" FLSA Exemption

FLSA compliance - the challenges of getting (and keeping) positions appropriately classified - are difficult enough.  HR and compensation professionals everywhere can attest to this.  So why would we make the task even harder by "rewarding" FLSA exemption? Allow me to explain.  One of... Read More